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​​The Patron Hosts Cultural Network  invites Patrons of individual artists, arts & cultural institutions, and performing arts touring companies to support a wide variety of premier arts and cultural events, festivals, thought leader conferences, celebratory functions, gala benefits and award programs of all kinds.

THE PATRON HOST PROGRAM invites patrons of the arts and cultural community to become part of a unique cultural exchange that advances “active” philanthropy to a new and personally rewarding level of lifestyle experience.

Simply put, participating Patron Hosts members graciously offer to donate lodging in their homes to vetted filmmakers, writers, actors, dancers, musicians, artists, designers, publishers and keynote speakers, as honored house guests while visiting a Patron Host’s city for​ recognized​ festivals of all kinds, performing company tours, thought leader conferences and ​major cultural events.

This new form of “participatory philanthropy” is well suited for the engaged philanthropist who desires to experience a more direct involvement in their philanthropic pursuits.

Patron Hosts members will have the enthralling opportunity to experience the fulfilling pleasure of one-on-one encounters with professionals and leading thought leaders in the “creative community."

The Patron Hosts program offers a patron an extraordinary opportunity to increase their level of philanthropic engagement by contributing to the greater “creative community.” The Patron hosts cultural network will provide much-needed support to its cultural institutions, national and international performing arts touring companies, as well as premier arts and cultural conferences and festivals.  The Patron Hosts program supports cultural events, conferences and city- wide activities, celebratory functions, gala benefits or award programs of all kinds.

Patron Host members will have an excellent opportunity to engage directly with arts, culture, and thought leader professionals. The cultural exchange of inviting an artist into a Patron Host’s home will be a worthwhile experience for individual Patrons, their families, and could potentially cultivate new friendships based on a bond of mutual appreciation of a common interest.   

In addition to the donation of financial patronage, Patron Hosts automatically become part of a philanthropic and engaged social network that extends far beyond hosting artists in their homes.

Patron Hosts members will have access to an ever expanding offering ticketed events and activities connected with Patron Hosts visiting artists and touring companies; access to select working rehearsals, dress rehearsals, preview performances, workshops, craft and fine art studio visits, artist talks, seminars, conferences, special event lunches, cocktail parties and dinners.


Peter Rosenthal, Founder
Mr. Rosenthal has been an award-­winning executive in the media industry for the past 40 years, specializing in all aspects of the creative areas of the business. As a founding partner in Broadcast Arts Inc., one of the premiere design and creative marketing agencies in the country, Mr. Rosenthal was responsible for the creative, marketing and administrative activities of a staff of 50 full-­time employees, and a freelance roster of over 1,000 additional writers, designers, producers, artists and craft personnel who produced thousands of national commercials, network promotional and identity launches, and marketing campaigns for Budweiser, MTV, McDonalds, Coca-­Cola, Pepsi, ABC, CBS and NBC. 

As an approved network producer, Mr. Rosenthal was a producer of the original 13 episodes of “Pee-­Wee’s Playhouse” for CBS, and has been an Executive Producer for a number of other prime time and children’s programming ventures. Mr. Rosenthal’s work in the television-­programming arena has been honored with six Emmy awards to date and has been a former member of the Writers Guild of America.

Mr. Rosenthal was the Executive Director of the first Washington Film Festival, held at the Kennedy Center of the Performing Arts, and continues to work with emerging arts organizations in the theater, music, digital media, arts, film, and television arena. Mr. Rosenthal continues to play a key role in establishing the careers of some of the most talented up-­and-­coming creative individuals working in the media today.

Amy Rosi, Founder
With a distinguished 30-year career as an expert in strategic brand management and communications, Amy Rosi founded her own company, Aros Communications, in 1999.  A full-service agency, Aros Communications focuses on brand management providing business and product development, strategic branding and marketing communications, licensing, retail and media relations for her clients in the art, fashion, and luxury lifestyle sector. The Aros roster of clients includes: Barnes & Noble, Bergdorf Goodman, Jane Seymour Brand, Cartier, David Yurman, Madison Avenue, Saks Inc., Hasselblad USA, and the Savannah College of Art and Design. 
Prior to starting her own firm, Amy Rosi worked corporately in the luxury sector as Vice President of Marketing for David Yurman and Vice President of Corporate Communications for Escada.

Natalie Kates
Natalie is the Style Curator Inc.’s founder, based in New York City. She is a curator, art collector and event producer who has raised over a million dollars for various charities. An early supporter of urban art, Natalie has established herself as a leader in discovering and promoting emerging artists.
She has curated numerous exhibitions and site-specific art installations, developed close relations with artists, galleries, and museums and produced art events for both corporate and non-profit clients including VH1, Grandlife Hotels, ArtWalk Ny (Coalition for the Homeless), Housing Works, Galeria-Melissa, Scope Foundation, Slideluck, Lower Eastside Girls Club, Geeks for Peace, Amref ArtBall, Design On A Dime, Bloomingdales and Juice Press, among others.
Natalie is a contributing editor of VAGA and The Unlimited magazines. Her work and persona have been profiled in Vogue’s, Harper’s Bazaar – Brazil, Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, Artforum, Art Nerd,, Paper Magazine, StyleLikeU, BlackBook, ArtFuse, and

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