Patron Hosts Benefits

A Patron’s decision to join this culturally inclined group of like-minded individuals interested in supporting the Creative and Cultural Community brings with it a host of unique opportunities and experiences for Patron Hosts members.

  • Each Patron Host decides the level of preferred philanthropic participation.  Any level of participation is welcome and will help make a difference in bringing the needed support to the cultural community and support touring companies.
  • A Patron decides the number of donated “host” days each year to host visiting guests. This donation ranges from inviting a guest to stay for one or two days, or for the length of a tour estimated between   4 - 14 days.
  • A Patron Hosts “navigator” will  assist in helping a Patron choose the tier level of their participation and will be available, along with the entire Patron Host support staff to handle every aspect of a hospitality stay during an artists' visit.
  • The assigned navigator will help identify and clarify areas of specific interest of each Patron Host, whether the interest is in dance, theater, film, fine art, operatic, symphonic or popular music.
  • Patrons will have an excellent opportunity to vet potential guests BEFORE their hospitality stay in order to make the best possible “match” between Patron and a potential guest.
  • A Patron Host may choose a tier of engagement to host a breakfast, luncheon, cocktail party or dinner reception for an artist, a conference speaker or touring company during a quest stay.  These events are planned with the full support of the Patron Host Program and will provide social networking opportunities.
  • A Patron Host “navigator” will also assist a Patron Host to arrange participation in a wide variety of exciting access and secure tickets to cultural events and a wide range of preferred activities affiliated with the Patron Host Cultural Network.